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Blog niche ideas that you don’t know exist, in this era of online earning, where everyone wants to get rid out of their 9 to 5 jobs and really looking for options in online earning methods, mainly they come across some of these popular earning methods namely:

  • Blogging.
  • Youtube.
  • affiliate marketing.

I am not saying these three are the only online earning methods, there are tons and tons of other online options in the market, but above all these three options are really great in the long term game and worth your hard work and time.

(PS: to succeed in any field you need to work really hard and devote your time to it. )

among these best online earning methods, today we are going to discuss blogging, what is blogging niche, why you need blogging niche, blog niche ideas and more.

to know more about all these and to get the best blog niche idea, bear with us, after this article you will be able to get your best suitable blog niche idea.

Blog Niche Idea

before jumping into the topic of blog niche ideas, what we really need to understand is what is blogging niche? why do you really need it?

You find blogging is the best suitable way for you to make money online, great! I appreciate your idea!

after doing a lot of research and going through tons of blog articles and youtube videos you landed up with one term ” Niche “. You need to work on a particular niche to be a successful blogger.

in simpler words, a niche means you have to work on a particular topic, remember your blog means you are sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world so that you can help other people who are stuck in a problem.

blog niche ideas

for example, my niche is helping other people to be successful over the internet world and offline as well, so I help them with my blog internet-successful-tips.

similarly, you have to pick up an idea or niche within your expertise.

you maybe have lots of ideas in your head or have zero ideas,right? don’t worry in this article will help you to find your niche that will help you in your SEO and good earning opportunity in a long run!

Let’s jump straight into it!

Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

in this set of blog niche ideas i am going to share some of the niches that are easy to rank and have high CPC value.

1 ) internet marketing/Digital marketing

digital marketing is booming in recent years and with the advancement of technology, digital marketing growing very fast.

from the above stat, you can see the demand for digital marketing search around the internet.

there are 409.6k search volume in a month and almost 2billion search engine results. now you can understand why digital marketing is an in-demand blog niche. this kind of blog covers all topics related to the website, search engine marketing, email marketing, app marketing, and many more.

if you monetize digital marketing blogs from Google Adsense, then it will generate good revenue, additionally, you can earn a lot more from affiliate marketing. not only digital marketing blogs help you to earn money, but you also learn many new things and apply them to yourself.

digital marketing niche

Digital marketing is a vast niche as I said earlier, so you can work on sub-niches such as SEO, mobile marketing, email marketing, content marketing, etc. best part about digital marketing blogs are, you will educate other people about different marketing stuffs such as algorithm changes, How to create websites, etc. this way you will create your authority and eventually build your positive followings.

2 ) Technology

technology is something that can never be outdated, technology niches are some of the giant niches in the blogging industry, where the potential of exploring new things and earnings are huge!

people from around the world are always looking forward to new tech updates. your aim should be to attract audience with the help of your technical knowledge and interesting techy updates. if you are interested in fascinating gadgets, technology news then you should start a tech blog.

blog niche ideas

tech niches has a wide variety of sub-niches such as:

  • Tech news
  • Gadgets and gaming
  • computer software and hardware reviews
  • tech blog reviews
  • tutorial tech blog

you don’t have to worry about other millions of tech bloggers, you can start your own tech blog with good value, remember millions of others may be providing content, not the quality!

always educate your audience with your quality content.

3 ) health

this blog category is getting more and more popularity because nowadays people moving towards fitness programs and becoming more health-conscious.people’s lifestyle-changing rapidly and hence they keep searching health and fitness related tips on search engines on a daily basis.

blog niche ideas

there is a huge earning scope in this field also you will get a huge amount of traffic.

you can cover different sub-niches such as anti-aging, diet strategies, Homeopathic science, quit smoking, weight loss, diet control, healthy foods, mental health, exercise, fitness to name a few are a good choice to write on.

and this is the main reason for this niche to be a highly profitable and good affiliate niche.

4 ) Finance

you can write finance blogs because finance is the major part of this modern world. you can cover a different topic on your blogs such as mutual funds, investment, personal finance, and more. if you want to start a blog in this niche, then you must research good investment schemes, stock market deals, and more.

also if you have knowledge in the stock market, foreign exchange, mutual funds then you can play a long run with your blog.

blog niche ideas

time to time you have to keep yourself updated with share markets and other financial related kinds of stuff. you can create a software that helps other people in financial related calculations, this way you can create passive traffic flow into your blog!

5 ) News Website/Blog

News Contents Are Unique Because These Contents Are Great Helps You Rank Quickly In The Search Engine And To Rank Quickly And Faster Than Your Competitors. keep one thing in mind, to rank faster than your competitors, you need to cover the article faster.

blog niche ideas

incase if you love politics, then covering news related to politics can give you boost in your blogging career. You can cover politics clashes, what our prime mister saying, what our chief minister saying, what is the political status of our country etc.

believe me, the news blog niche is one of the great niche. if you follow proper steps and focus on SEO, then you will be able to generate a lot of money by using Google AdSense and affiliate link.

( PRO TIP: This type of blogging niches are generally very competitive, maybe that will create difficulty for you, to overcome that, you can buy an expired domain who already have a good amount of site authority that will help you to compete with your rivals.

Always use catchy headlines that help people to click your blog over others. )

6 ) Fashion Blog

Fashion and Lifestyle blog is one of the most popular blogs around the web. if you are passionate about fashion and lifestyles then you should start doing fashion blogs.

With the help of a fashion blog, you will be able to drive thousands and thousands of organic traffic on your blog, because lots of people open up and browse their browser just to check out fancy fashion kinds of stuff.

blog niche ideas

creating a blog on the fashion niche will help you generate a lot of money from affiliate links, Sponsered posts, AdSense, and also by collaborating with big fashion brands!

You can cover different sub-niches to target a specific audience such as:

  • Handbags: Luxury.
  • Handbags: Contemporary.
  • Handbags: Sale.
  • Shoes: Women’s.
  • Shoes: Men’s.
  • Jewelry & Accessories.
  • Lingerie: New.
  • Lingerie: Vintage.
  • Personal Style: Plus Sizes
  • Personal Style: Maternity
  • Personal Style: Petites
  • Personal Style: Tall
  • Personal Style: Menswear
  • Personal Style: “Every day”
  • Personal Style: Avant-garde
  • Personal Style: High School
  • Personal Style: College
  • Celebrity Fashion: Paparazzi, Red Carpet, etc
  • Celebrity Fashion: Where to Get It/Shopping
  • Celebrity Fashion: Trends
  • Vintage Fashion: Contemporary Style
  • Vintage Fashion: Retro Style
  • Vintage Fashion History
  • Vintage Fashion Shopping
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Personal Style Illustrated
  • Fashion Illustration Tutorials
  • Fashion Illustration History
  • animated GIF Fashion
  • Fashion Memes
  • Fashion Humor
  • Styling: Personal
  • Styling: Editorial
  • Trend hunting/predicting
  • Lifestyle Fashion Photography
  • Editorial Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Photography Tutorials.

7 ) Food Blog

UMM who doesn’t love eating? I love eating, I hope you too, right? its almost impossible for one to know how to cook everything right? that’s where food bloggers come into play, believe me, food blog topic ais one of the successful blog niche. more importantly, these types of contents are evergreen.

blog niche ideas

on your food blog, can cover anything related to your niche, starting from recipes to hotel reviews.

there is a very good earning opportunity in this niche, you will be able to earn from Adsense, sponsored hotel reviews, etc.

in food blogging, if you want to go more specific, then you can cover these sub-niches such as:


Restaurant and food product reviews

travel food

experimenting with different kinds of food.

8 ) Relationship Blog

relationship blogs are no other than other blog niches, you can create a blog to share your thoughts with others about relationship problems, you can create a blogging community where people will come and share their thoughts and can debate on a particular topic related to relationship issues.

Relationship Blog

but you need to keep one thing in mind that, you have to go personal with your readers to really understand their pain points.

you can cover different topics such as:

  • relationship definition
  • relationship quotes
  • Relationship Goals
  • Relationship Advice
  • Relationship Questions
  • Relationship Quiz
  • Relationship Problems
  • Relationship Help
  • Relationships Advice
  • What Is Relationship
  • Relationship Articles
  • Romantic Relationship
  • Relationship Synonym

Later On, You Can Make Your Relationship Blog Into Money Blogging By Monetizing With Adsense Sponsored Ads And More.

these are the most profitable blog niche ideas you can go for, which will help you generate a good amount of money. if you need any further assistance for blogging you can contact us here

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