Business Ideas In Kerala

Business Ideas In Kerala

Business ideas in Kerala! before starting out any business in today’s market young entrepreneurs often worried about how to get started and what are some of the good business ideas to start with?

Here comes the main game! business ideas that will make you successful are really hard to find nowadays and luckily if you were able to find some good business ideas then you will be lacking with proper knowledge and execution process!

don’t worry though! here in this article i will provide you some of the real world business ideas in kerala with proper knowladge and how to execute your ideas!

Business Ideas In Kerala – Updated 2020

Customized T-shirt Selling-

nowadays online t-shirt selling businesses are doing pretty well in the market.

business ideas in Kerala

this business is gaining popularity among young entrepreneurs and new business owners because you can start this business with low investment, or this can be a smart business ideas in Kerala.

The trend for a customized t-shirt is increasing day by day, to start this business you need to start with a good business plan and proper marketing execution.

Business ideas in Kerala
Customized Tees.

earning opportunities in this business is huge, you can even expand this business from Kerala to India and can earn in crores. you can see as a real-life example.

steps to follow:

  • Create an online e-commerce website. ( create easily using Shopify. )
  • Choose your focus niche in starting.
  • create premium quality t-shirts ( better than your competitors ).
  • create your designs ( designs that are catchy and trendy ).
  • check your t-shirt with designs on it, before launching it.
  • validate your t-shirt design by sharing your design in social media, family, friends and other communities ( targeted audience )
  • launch your product.
  • focus and invest in digital marketing With proper strategy and planning.

To know more about t-shirt selling business ideas in Kerala, read this article.

Fast Food Center-

if you love to make food and enjoy eating it, the fast-food center business ideas in Kerala is for you.

as we all know that Kerala is the most literate state in our India with 93.41%(2011) literacy rate.

Fast Food Center
Fast Food Center

so it’s obvious to have a lot of school collages and offices in Kerala, among them most of the officials are from outer states who work day and night and obviously they will not have enough time to cook their own food.

why not you grab this opportunity?

you can set up your own fast food center near those areas and start making your own profit! to the addon, you can provide home delivery services to make your business foundation strong and unique.

what you need to focus on before jumping into fast food center business in Kerala?

  • Proper location ( where your targeted consumers are ).
  • Quality foods with hygiene packaging.
  • you can create your own website or app for more scalability.
  • quality chefs.
  • fast delivery system.
  • tie-up with Swiggy and Zomato for extra advantage.
  • advertise your food center.

Hostels/ PG for students or For Office staffs-

as i mentioned above for food business opportunities in Kerala you can even open a business by providing shelter to those students and officials.

Hostel Business Ideas
Student’s Hostel

this business opportunity is never-ending, and providing hostel rooms to students and officials is surely a profitable business( recurring business model), you will get paid each and every month for years after years.

surely you have two options to start with:

  • you can start giving rooms on your own property.
  • Start your business by taking a lease of other buildings.

Things to keep in mind before starting:

  • Invest in necessary furniture
  • proper management of food ( if you provide )
  • Marketing cost.

Event Management-

believe me or not this industry has grown tremendously in the last few decades. according to a study event management business spent almost more than $500 billion annually.

Event Management Business In Kerala

according to research its also stated that this industry will continue to rise in the future with a growth rate of 15% per year! if you starting off this business as the owner then you will be able to generate 40% of margin!

the best part about this business is you don’t need a huge investment to get started. this is a business ideas in Kerala with low investment.

Profitable Business Ideas In kerala

what kind of events you can manage under you event management business?

  • Commemorations (a ceremony or celebration in which a person or event is remembered).
  • educational ( meetings, graduations, farewells).
  • promotions ( new products, new businesses or any fashion show).
  • celebrations ( weddings, birthdays , parties and more ).

you can start applying these business ideas in Kerala with a small investment and can flourish your future with huge earning opportunities.

so now its time to give some to-dos before starting out.

  • conduct a proper research before developing your management system.
  • find a proper event design.
  • find a proper location to organize your event.
  • create solid arrangement for food, decoration and entertainment.
  • look for good transport system, so that people can reach out to your event.
  • send invitations to attendees.
  • arrange other necessary equipment if required.
  • arrange good accommodations system.
  • supervise you management spot.

these are the necessary to-dos to keep in mind before starting out.


talent is important before starting out photography or videography business, you must have good knowledge of using DSLRs and other video cameras.

Photography Business In Kerala
Photography business In Kerala

to run a successful photography business, you need to be a good photographer first, so that you can understand your customer demands and can manage your photography team.

but make sure that you are doing a business not participating in a contest so you should have marketing skills to like:

to have a successful photography business you must have 20% photography skill with 80% marketing skills.

Photography Business Ideas In Kerala

if you lack marketing skills then you will not be able to make your own living. now let’s dive into what and how to start your business:

  • create a solid business plan.
  • organize your startup cost, your personal finance, necessary camera equipment, good camera gears.
  • get some professional experience or a degree.
  • create a solid pricing plan.
  • focus and invest in your business website ( include pricing into your website ).
  • promote your brand and create a good network with other photographers.
  • use social media to promote your work.
  • invest in ads, you can use google ads to do so.
  • invest in marketing.

Hair Salon-

These business ideas in Kerala are for the people who can invest money in their starting if you can open a good unisex salon then you will be able to generate a good amount of money.

Salon Business In Kerala

according to a research to salon industry is growing fast and expected to grow rapidly in future also. the global spa and beauty salon market size was USD 128.59 billion in 2017 and expected to grow USD 195.51 billion in 2025 by 2025.

the growth rate is about 6.78%.

things to keep in mind before starting out:

  • create a well-structured business plan.
  • find a good mentor who will guide you.
  • start collecting funds.
  • select the right location.
  • provide awesome customer service.
  • focus on hiring top-notch staff.
  • provide a discount to expensive services.
  • invest in marketing.
  • provide discount coupons and offers on social media.

this can be best business to start in kerala 2020.

Fashion Boutique-

the fashion boutique is a very profitable business ideas in Kerala. if you focus on selling woman’s wear then you can earn a high-profit margin.

Fashion Boutique In kerala
Fashion Boutique

women always fond of new varieties of products such as good clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. this business can provide a cakewalk with excitement only if you are intrested in fashion industry.

if you are planning out to start off your own fashion boutique business in kerala the, i will suggest you to go for a perticular niche.

like you can start your boutique will only dress or shoes or accessories, do not go for everything, start slow to be able to maintain a well-balanced fashion boutique business.

this can be a business ideas in kerala for ladies.

Gym And Fitness Club-

nowadays everyone is health consious no matter male or female. so going to gym is common practice among people nowadays.

gym and fitness industry
Gym and Fitness

in fact, the fitness industry market size is $4.3 trillion. the global fitness industry is growing rapidly and fast.

the fitness industry is not only limited to gyming, the wellness industry covers a lot more stuff such as mind-body and healthy eating, nutrition, weight loss, and more.

What do gym owners struggle with?

most of the gym owners struggle with subscription issues and member attachment, some members tend to attach with some members. as an owner, you need to keep your gym trainers qualified and well trained.

this can be a great new business ideas in kerala 2020.

Interior Decorator-

before starting out as interior designer company its preffered to have a bachelor degree but mainly you need to have experience.

Interior Business Ideas In Kerala
Interior Decorator

if you talk about business opportunities in interior designer then its a really good ideas to

enough experience let’s talk about things to keep in mind before starting out:
  • Determine what services you will offer.
  • Focus on your specialty ( unique from your competitors ).
  • get a catchy and easy to remember the business name.
  • invest in creating a beautiful website.
  • focus o create a show book or portfolio.
  • create and manage a good relationship with your clients.
  • start a blog.
  • promote your business.

now I want to know from you, which business ideas in Kerala you want to start with, tell me in the comment section, or feel free to connect with me here.

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