Highest Paying Government Jobs In India

Highest Paying Government Jobs In India

Highest Paying Government Jobs In India! in India every year millions of people pass out graduation and they want to get the highest paying government jobs or private jobs, but among them, if you ask the candidates they want government job or private job, 80% people will opt for government jobs, You know why a majority of candidates prefer government jobs over private? because of the following reasons:

  • Job Security– in case if you successfully enter into a government job, then there is very little chance that you will get fired! ( Until and unless you did something really wrong, against government policies )
  • pension/after-Retirement life– now this is an obvious fact, I think 99.99% of people know. government jobs come with a great advantage that you will be facilitated with pension and provident fund policies after your retirement or when your age is 60yeas. Cheers!! to government employees.
Highest Paying Government Jobs In India
  • No income-lag/Regular income flow– listen carefully ” government is never going to shut down neither government workers will go off, if you are getting less salary, your facilities will never going to affect!
  • Working Hours– in government jobs, there are standard working hours unlike the private sector, wherein private sector jobs you have to do overtime even if you don’t want and also there may not be any facility you will get! whereas in government jobs sometimes if you do every time you will defiantly get a fruitful reward!
  • promotions– okay this promotion factor is very clear in government jobs as ” in government jobs, promotion is based on your service period, so the longer period you are working, the higher your promotion will be “.
  • extra perks– you just can’t even imagine how much extra perks made by some of the government employees such as medical, housing, loans, childcare, etc. ( some big private companies all offer these all type of feature or even more perks, but those are high-end multinational companies such as Google, Microsoft, etc ).
Highest Paying Government Jobs In India
  • work stress– work stress or workload in government jobs is very less as compared to private-sector jobs.
  • more holidays– there are more holidays in government when compared with private-sector jobs.
  • Respect– as a government employee you will get more respect from others and from other fellow government employees because of your position and power.

Most Highest Paying Government Jobs In India

RBI officer– banking sector jobs are one of the most lucrative jobs, everyone wants and among those jobs RBI probably their first choice. if you want to opt for RBI, grade B will the best option for you, as a fresher you will get near about 70k and yearly 1 lack travel allowance.

Reserve Bank of india

extra perks including 3BHK flat, 180ltr petrol, children’s education, and extra expanses. RBI Grade B jobs are one of the Highest Paying Government Jobs In India.

Indian Administrative Services (IAS)IAS is one of the most prestigious jobs in India, its a dream job for many Indian aspirants, to get int this job you have to pass through the toughest exam UPSC, becoming an IAS Or IPS is not that easy. these officers related to policymaking services fr India. Besides perks, they have huge power in their hand, IAS’s Monthly salary ranges from 50k to 60k for newcomers.

Highest Paying Government Jobs In India

Extra Perks Includes A big Bungalow, Official cars, chauffeurs, security guards, sometimes they also get funds from the government if they want to pursue higher education in foreign countries. IAS, IPS are among the Highest Paying Government Jobs In India.

defense Services– these Defence Service jobs are of great adventures and also includes some risk factor, they get a good amount of salary and leveraging perks more than their civil counterparts, to get into these defense service government jobs you have to apply for exams such as NDA, CDS, AFCAT, etc. interestingly their perks and salary varies from location to location.

Highest Paying Government Jobs In India

extra perks include a good amount of salary ranges from 50k to 60k, well accommodation services, free ration, retirement, maintenance allowance, transport allowance, children’s education support and much more.

ISRO Scientist/engineer– if you want to be a scientist who has an interest in research and development related to aeronautical science then ISRO will suit you best. ISRO is one of the most prestigious research and development body in India. ISRO Full form is Indian space research organization, the best part of working with this organization is that you will have great respect in society. perks awarded to the engineers and scientists are:

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) – ReviewStories

Starting salaries for freshers are 55k to 66k, accommodation allowance, extra bonus and much more.

Indian Foreign Services (IFS)– similarly as IPS Or IAS you have to pass through UPSC to became an IFS Officer. maximum of the times they work with diplomates and deals with foreign issues, they spend most of the time outside the nation (India). more or less they spent 3yeras outside India in any particular country. salary ranges from 60k to 70k per month.

extra perks include free medical systems, free education for IFS officer’s children in international schools.

State Service Commission(SSC)– again you have to clear UPSC to get in this Highest Paying Government Jobs In India, the responsibilities and power of these officers are similar to grade A officers. PSC officers manage all the affairs related to their state, Whereas IAS officers work as an intermediate between center and state. their salary range lies between 35k to 50k.

Indian Forest Service– you love nature? Do you want to escape from this hectic city life? then Indian forest service will be the best Highest Paying Government Jobs In India for you. Work of an IFS officer is full of adventure because they spend most of their time in between the beautiful nature. their work is to regulate different works in forests such as mines and illegal works, and to protect forest area and forest dwellers!

Indian Forest Service - Wikipedia

so this are Highest Paying Government Jobs In India. to know more about anything in detail please let us in the comment section or click here.

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