Org Vs Com?

Org vs Com

org vs com? this is the most asked question for beginner bloggers or business owners who are shifting towards the online world or new to the online world. in this article, I will cover you some of the most important concepts you should know about org vs com before buying your best extension, also I will go through some the FAQs such as:

  • WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org
  • com vs net vs org.
  • org vs com for research.
  • is com better than org
  • should I use org or not and more?

before we jump straight into org vs com, let’s explore a bit about What is .org extension and what is .com extension

what is .org extension?

org is a top-level domain name, which is generally used by a non-profit organization and other industry standards. we use extensions such as .org with another second-level domain name. for example,, where Wikipedia is the second-level domain.


.org extension is very trustworthy, if you use .org extension then you will be able to create a great impact on the visitor because they will get you a loyal and trustworthy organization and you are proving services for a good cause not just to make money ( non-profitable ). in case of trustworthiness .org wins between org vs com, additionally .org extension will make a business look more trustworthy.

what is .com extension?

.com, I don’t think I need to explain much about .com extension. .com domain extensions are the topmost domain (TDLs ) name system. com domain is the most common and most recognized domain extension.

.com in org vs com

this domain extension is purely based on hardcore business, that is this particular domain is not used for non-profitable businesses or organizations. com domain is mostly used for commercial purposes and commercial websites. com domain is also used by millions of bloggers worldwide, however, if you want to get a .com domain, you too can get.

fact: .com domain was first introduced in 1985, com basically means commercial. com domain brings a revolution in the internet world and that changes people’s way people work, live, play, and connect with family and friends. first, .com was claimed on 15th march 1985 by a computer manufacturer¬†called Symbolics, Inc.

Org vs Com

now we talked about what is com extension and org extension, now let’s compare these two extensions and see which extension will suit you best!

Org vs .Com: Which Domain Extension Is Better?

between these two extensions org vs com, both are suitable for appropriate website, anyone can use .org domain extension for their business, similarly, anyone can use com extension for their business.

the keynote between org vs com is that com is widely used by profit businesses and org is used in non-profit businesses.

org extension price lies between $9-$10, and mainly used by the non-profit organization and so it’s availability is high as compared to com extension. org domains are not so mobile-friendly.

org vs com

com extension price lies between $8-$9, mainly used by profitable businesses. com extension is not easily available in the domain market because more then 50% of the website uses com extension. com extensions are mobile-friendly, a com domain extension is much much better than other alternative extensions such as .biz, .net, .in,, and others.

When and where we should use the org extension?

as I mentioned earlier org domain extensions are mainly used for non-profit businesses and organizations, sometimes org extension also used by website who provide free services or offers but they generate revenue by placing paid ads into the website. this kind of websites are more trustworthy. so org extension is the best suitable option over any other extensions.

benefits of using .org domain extension:

non-profit credibility – so far we all know that people use .com extension for business or where people expect revenue, but in case of .org extension there is no such intension to gain profit, their main is just share knowledge and help for the betterment.

Mobile Friendliness

non-profit supporters memorability – the reason behind it that nonprofit people support you because they know you use .org as your domain extension so you literally provide value instead of revenue.

domain availability – as from the above picture you have a clear idea that people don’t use .org domain extension as compared to .com extension, so the desired domain name availibity factor increases in case of .org.

cons of using .org extension:

less exposure and limited industry use – as we know .org extension can only be use by business of non-profits, so that reduces the exposure as compared to other extensions such as .com, .net, .info etc.

less mobile friendliness – .org extension makes it difficult for users to type into mobile, and there is no specific button in mobiles such as .com and that makes the job difficult.

org vs com

to get the perfect solution and to capture all the major traffic you need to buy both .org and .com extension, then use .com extension and then redirect that .com into .org, this way you will be able to capture all your traffic. some reasons of org vs com.

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