Pocket WiFi Buying Guide

Pocket WiFi Buying Guide

Pocket WiFi Buying Guide? okay if you are here then you must planning to buy a pocket wifi for your convenience!

Continue With me I will help with the best Pocket WiFi Buying Guide, what is pocket Wifi, Why you need a pocket wifi, How pocket wifi actually works!

What Is pocket Wifi?

Pocket WiFi Buying Guide

In simpler terms, pocket wifi is a portable modem system, which you can carry anywhere because pocket wifi are smaller in size, light weighted and so we can easily pick this up in our pocket.

As pocket wifi are smaller in size so as its range of connection, it’s connective range is not so far, it’s range varies from 30 to 50 feet and can connect more or less than 10 devices ( depends ) at a single time. It is very easy to use.

In simpler words, you can say it’s basically a hotspot. We share network using a mobile hotspot, but here we use a separate Modem to facilitate the same function. I hope now you are clear with what is pocket wifi. let’s move to the next topic, why we need pocket wifi.

Why pocket wifi is needed?

In this 21st century almost everyone, literally everyone needs an internet connection to connect with their friends, family or colleagues. yes, internal is so damn important!

So now you know how the internet is important nowadays! so we need the internet everywhere and anywhere, that’s where the role of pocket wifi comes into play. pocket wifi is a great choice for the people who travel for their work or the people who are not in their homes all the time.

Pocket Wifi

now you might be thinking that why we need pocket wifi? when we can use our mobile hotspot? let me explain!

okay, now its very simple logic that you can not use your own mobile hotspot to run your own mobile.

Now you might be thinkng you can recharge your internet service provider, the why you need pocket wifi?

let say you are traveling into another country, then your data will run on roaming, which will interrupt your internet connection and if your roaming works well, then your internet service provider will charge you a lot of money, which you will definitely like. similarly, if you traveling in underground basements or any remote area, your data might not work properly and you will face difficulties.

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Lots of problems right? go for the solution, get pocket wifi and pocket wifi buying guide. pocket wifi will not charge as high as your internet service provider does, also pocket wifi will give you tremendously powerful connectivity then hotspot and also give strong network everywhere whether its a different country to territories.

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( Dont forget to carry your charger , because without electricty your modem is just a piece of plastic )

Your pocket wifi is truly your traveling best friend when it comes to staying connected with your loved ones while traveling.

Now you are familier with what is pocket wifi and why pocket wifi is needed, but how pocket wifi works?

How pocket wifi works

Pocket wifi works just as other internet connection devices, just like your traditional home wifi routers, in comparison with that this is very small, portable and light weighted.

To use pocket wifi you just have to insert a sim card into it, and you are ready to go! You can put a sim card of 3g-4g or 5g and you are ready to connect. At a time you can connect with 10 or more people as I mentioned earlier. ( more people will eventually reduce is internet speed ).

Pocket wifi use diffrent crediential which means you are safe while surfing through your internet connection.

You can purchase pocket wifi from any authorized online or offline store, they will provide the modem with a virtual sim card ( with internet data ) at a much cheaper cost! Best Pocket WiFi Buying Guide

Best Pocket Wifi Buying Guide

as I mentioned earlier, portable wifi is amazing devices, they are very light weighted and smaller even your mobile phone, which makes it easy to fit into our pocket or purse. though small they provide a strong internet connection as compared to a mobile hotspot. But these all awesome facilities come with a price! Not all pocket wifi is the same, they differ in price, connection, size and more. I explained everything in details

Internet speed and range

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Who loves buffering? naaah no one! Yes, we all love the internet when the speed is good, so this is an obvious factor while purchasing your pocket wifi. So better to ask or check the features before buying, and also check out how long its range or connectivity. these two factors are very important to consider so I mentioned in this Pocket WiFi Buying Guide.

Data Plans

This is the obvious and foremost factor to consider when you planning to buy pocket wifi, ask the retailed about the data plans because you obviously don’t want to run out of data while surfing some important stuff. This is the most important factor to consider in the Pocket WiFi Buying Guide.

Network Support

If you want fast speed so you should for better network support like 4g, in some countries you will get 5g, so it’s worth checking the network support before buying pocket wifi.

Battery Backup

We definitely want a good battery backup of your pocket wifi because who loves? if your pocket runs out of charge while surfing the internet? obviously no right? so it’s worth checking the battery backup and worth factor to consider in Pocket WiFi Buying Guide.

Number of connections at a time

Another useful factor to consider is how many devices can connect at a time, if it is for your personal use then maximum connections at a time are okay, but if you are using it for your office or work purpose then you buy a system that provides more number of connections at a particular time.

Locked and Unlocked Devices

Another useful and important factor to consider, some devices comes locked with one service provider while service somes with unlocked . Mainly cheap pocket wifi comes with locked service providers. if you are investing money then its better to go with a pocket wifi which is unlocked with all service providers.

Conclusion with Pocket WiFi Buying Guide

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In this era of technologies, we are almost connected with everyone with the help of the internet, and the internet is a very crucial part of technology, so it’s worth buying pocket wifi, in this article of Pocket WiFi Buying Guide I mentioned all the important factors and features you should check before buying any. Below I listed some of the best pocket wifi you can go for:

This is all-important tips about the Pocket WiFi Buying Guide. if you need any further buying guide please let me know here.

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